Monday, July 4, 2011

Who updates me on the news?

One of the bad things of having a grave yard work is that you are not update on the news, whether it's a celebrity gossip or not. It's so hard to complain and ask your superiors a favor to switch the TV on local news (Damn English Policy) , i don't care about foreign news, i care about our country :P. That's why i am so thankful that at least there's still late news. Here are some of my favorites.

BANDILA - There show starts before mid-night. This show tells you the stories that was already broadcasted to update those people who haven't heard the news yet and they even encourage people to provide feedback using facebook and twitter, at least you have the right to participate.

ANC - is ABS CBN international news channel. They covered locally and international news, though they features news that is late since Phil is ahead of time. But the good thing about ANC, is that they update our fellow Filipinos out there who wants to get updates from the Philippines.

SNN- This is hosted by Boy Abunda and Bianca Gonzales. They provide the latest celebrity gossip at mid-night. That's why every time i go home, i always watch this, but not for this month since my schedule have change.

Fashion Pulis - If you want the latest celebrity gossip. He is your guy. He will definitely write everything on his page but no name names. He definitely let you go gaga who is who on his write-ups. Waaaa. But of course reading the comments of his anonymous readers will definitely provide you clues. It's fun better visit his website.

So guys, how about you who updates you?


  1. Thanks for joining BNP! ur blog has been posted! u can also vote for ur fave blogs! d top 5 highest rated will be displayed n d Hall of Fame ;)

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  2. So you're a Kapamilya based on the news you are watching. Now, SNN remove on the routine but Mr. Boy Abunda joined the group of Bandila.


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