Friday, March 16, 2012

Musing of a Filipina lesbian

Having a same-sex relationship is very complicated for me from the start, there are some things that you need to consider and allot of things to avoid. But thanks to those people who has a great advocacy & has a loud voice expressing & en-lighting other people to understand our sexuality. Because of them we no longer needs to be discreet being us and expressing ourselves anytime we want.

I'm proud being a lesbian and having a 6 years relationship is a big achievement for me,  though it was a tough one, because when we started our relationship, the big problem is our friends, parents & some relatives, it is so hard to explain that this is us & since both of us are really discreet being a lesbian in HS, some of them really ask why & when. They didn't get answer for me, i just let them see how happy and lucky i am having her in my life, which makes them realize to let go on their pride.

But we are not yet done, i want to prove that i can have my own house not just renting an apartment for life. I wanna see my self with her travelling, spending time together in our own house and letting people know that we did the right choice.

Hay... i never though that i will be expressing myself again on a blog & i think that i will continue to do it again.



  1. Wow.. Bilib ako. Not everyone has the courage to accept and say it out loud. Madalas, ang mga lesbians at gays, tinatago nila ang kanilang katauhan. Well, I couldn't really blame them. One reason is that they get nasty comments around kasi. And discrimination..

    Which is bull. Lahat naman tayo, pareho tayong mga tao. Respeto na lang sna. Sexual preference really is a personal choice.

    Good luck sa inyong dalawa! :)

    1. I know some of them really want to hide it. Let just be our self. What you see is what you get right.

      Thanks leah

  2. Oh, and add ko ang link mo sa links page ko, after I post this comment. :) Salamat..

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