Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lesbian Sex: Are you One-way or Two-way?

Every time I met new lesbian friends, this is the first question they ask while having a serious beer to beer session. Are you one-way or two-way?.

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One-way means that only one couple initiates the sexual act and the other one plays as the receiver. Two-way means they both it or vice versa. Most butches  that I've known always do one-way because for them having a two-way sex lessen their masculine side. I don't know if its true, but I was wondering if they can still achieve orgasm for being in a one-way.

Come to think of it, how will you know if your partner is having a good time with you performance if you haven't experience sex? How will you know if on that part or this part or on that way or this way is much better than the other? Don't you think that your partner is just making a fake moaning just to tell you that you are great and for you not to be offended? This are the questions that I always ask to those macho effect butches. lol

For two-way lesbians I only have one question. Have you found the G-spot? Finding one's G-spot takes a lot of practice and time. There are only few who knows how to look for it and I called them "Gifted" lol.

For me talking about a sexual performance is too personal. I might say some usually routine but on how really do it.. nah!... Just keep it from yourself.

So let me ask you, are you one-way or two-way?


  1. I am one way. I think I'm good at finding the g spot for my girlfriend, hate it when they're just faking it.

  2. will a lesbian be categorized as two way if she's also enjoying tribbing,brocha, etc.?

  3. Most lesbian couples prefer two-way sex. About the g-spot, that is their major problem though.

    -Yan @ Sex Toys Philippines

  4. one way here but i'm not like butch i look like a straight girl, i'm having orgasm with my girl when she's on top of me it's hard to explain she does something that i really like and it really turns me on :D


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