Wednesday, April 11, 2012

SSS Over-payment process

One of the reason why i post this information is for you guys to know the process if your overpaid your SSS ( Social Security Service ) loan. When i was browsing online looking for any forum about SSS over payment, the only thing that i got is that SSS never process refund for this and that was the last update that i got reading a forum in 2010 and since i have the same case, i really went to SSS just to see what will happen. But before going to their office make sure to make your own investigation first.

As you can see government loan requires a full payment if you are resigning on your current company, so what i strongly suggest is to register online and check your monthly loan payment and if you see that you over pay, print it our and go to SSS.
  • Go to Counter 1 under General Information to get your form for over-payment.
  • Go to the next counter and follow the long queue and wait for you turn to give your form.
  • Don't forget to bring 2 Valid Id for their verification.

After that wait for 1month to get your cheque. :) It is just an easy process but you need to have a long patient to finish it. I hope this one is helpful.

UPDATE as of July 2, 2012:
I went to SSS 3 times  and they said that they just send my information to their head office.  The 2nd time I go there last May they said that the person who's fixing the refund is on leave and they don't know if it was fix or not. Until now been waiting for it and they said that they will sent the check via mail. Good luck!

"Ang SSS magaling kapag sila ang maniningil pero kapag TAYO ang maniningil di ka aasikasuhin, gagawin kapang tanga tanga."

 UPDATE as of January 07, 2013:
2 months ago, I called SSS and ask for any updates regarding my refund, there's been a -Php xxxxxx amount on my online SSS account I though that cheque is on its way, pero ang sabi wala paraw status and it is still pending, their customer service cannot answer any question mag 1 year na at wala parin.

UPDATE as of November 21, 2014:
So mag 2 years na pala. I called SSS MAIN Office to make a follow up last week. kung ano na nagyari sa request ko  na refund cheque. Wala daw ang name ko sa list ok. So ano nangyare? Kalimutan na lng pala. I applied a loan last year August 2013 sabi nila sakin I deduct na lng daw sa 2nd loan ko para palit bayad. Ngayon  mag kikipag coordinate ako sa HR namin kung kayang gawan ng paraan. I will post an update kung totoo mang tong process na ibabawas sa loan. Kapag walang nangyari it means, ninanakawan lng tyo ng SSS sa mga overpayment sa loan na yan.

UPDATE as of June 15, 2017
So it is already 4 years, the last time I ask help from our HR is 2 years ago. They provided another slipt and no update until now. I don't know how will our government handled this type of issue, i called their call center they said they will process it but nothing happen. The number they provided at the SSS main office no one is answering. I just Hope DU30 will talk look at this. For your milyon na ang kinita ng SSS sa mga over payments. I will try to ask for 3 days leave. Let us see if makaka kuha ako ng Good News ngayon!