Saturday, July 23, 2011

Amy Winehouse 14 September 1983 – 23 July 2011

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For those people who knew her, she already died yesterday. They said she was found dead in there home in Camden London. I feel sorry for amy, she is still young and she just let her self drown on drug addiction. I think the cause of her death is already a health complications on her body, because she abused it and God is taking it back. RIP Amy Wine house.

I cried with Still Life - Cinemalaya 2007

 Yes, i definitely cried while watching still life, an indie film by Katski Flores Producer/Writer/Director of this film. A story of a lost soul painter James Masino, who found the meaning of life after he met Emma. I was crying and got touch by this movie, though i was not a fan of any indie films since I've watch this movie today at cinema one, i really make sure that i will watch cinemalaya 2011 but the show will ended today. I just hope they will release a dvd copy for this so that i can buy one. I just hope more Filipino will do this type of film. I really don't like those indie film that's all about sex. Two thumbs up for this film. And i am looking for wincy ong soundtrack and can't find one.. Hay....

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pengeng Yosi

Ngayon, masyado ng pinag hihigpitan ng gobyerno ang paninigarilyo sa pambulikong lugar at ito ay nakakatuwang pakinggan dahil makakatulong ito  ng malaki sa paglinis ng kalikasan at sa maganda kalusugan. Sa Ortigas, may ilang lugar na lang kung saan pwede manigarilyo ang mga  nagtratrabaho dun. Sa mga Cofee shop tulad ng Starbucks bawal nadin mag yosi, which is nakakainis kasi yosi nga ang partner sa kape. Sana magtalaga na lng sila ng oras kung kelan pwedeng manigarilyo. But i cannot blame them, it's for the benefit of our environment naman ito e.

Naisip ko lang bakit ngayon lang  nila ito naiisip kung kelan si PINOY na ang Presidente at kung kelan an lakas ko na magyosi :p, joke lang. Ang ibigsabihin ba nito na si PINOY na ang matuwid na Presidente?. Naalala niyo paba ang yosi kadiri ng DOH ni SEC Javier? Eto siya o..
Wala lang naalala ko lang, kasi wala naman nangyari dito e, nanakot lang ng mga bata.

Alam ko na parepareho tyo ng thinking na baka mala Singapore na ang Philippines next time, sa sobrang mahal ng yosi, mapipilitan kang manghingi or maki-puff na lang sa iba. Kaya bago mangyari to dapat adjusted nako. Kaso ang nangyayari ngayon, wala pa ngang ganito andami ng Pengeng yosi sa office. Anak ng tokwa! Ako lang ba ang maysahod sa amin, sa kalahating kaha 3 lang ata nagamit ko. Payosi mo na pa lighter mo pa! Makabili na lng ng tingi-ngi ng makatipid.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Who updates me on the news?

One of the bad things of having a grave yard work is that you are not update on the news, whether it's a celebrity gossip or not. It's so hard to complain and ask your superiors a favor to switch the TV on local news (Damn English Policy) , i don't care about foreign news, i care about our country :P. That's why i am so thankful that at least there's still late news. Here are some of my favorites.

BANDILA - There show starts before mid-night. This show tells you the stories that was already broadcasted to update those people who haven't heard the news yet and they even encourage people to provide feedback using facebook and twitter, at least you have the right to participate.

ANC - is ABS CBN international news channel. They covered locally and international news, though they features news that is late since Phil is ahead of time. But the good thing about ANC, is that they update our fellow Filipinos out there who wants to get updates from the Philippines.

SNN- This is hosted by Boy Abunda and Bianca Gonzales. They provide the latest celebrity gossip at mid-night. That's why every time i go home, i always watch this, but not for this month since my schedule have change.

Fashion Pulis - If you want the latest celebrity gossip. He is your guy. He will definitely write everything on his page but no name names. He definitely let you go gaga who is who on his write-ups. Waaaa. But of course reading the comments of his anonymous readers will definitely provide you clues. It's fun better visit his website.

So guys, how about you who updates you?

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Have you watch the latest movie?

We watch Transformer 3 yesterday and since 12pm  the long ques never stop. 10 cinema in Megamall Mandaluyong City Philippine is open for Transformers only. Imagine Php180/person and try to count how many people watch it, come to think of it, they really earn a million for 1 day.  I love watch movies because it really makes me relax from a stressful job, but what i really don't like about is when there's allot of kids around, you are watching to relax then you will hear someones crying on the middle of the climax scene, someone's calling there mom to pee and shouting behind your back and mostly when they kick you chair ( ang sarap batukan!). Waaaa.... kids at the age of 6 below should not go to cinemas specially on this type of films, sayang lang ang money since they cannot appreciate it allot.

Welcome everyone

I don't know why i am so addicting on writing. Maybe simply because i love telling stories about the things that i love to do and the things that i can see on my surroundings, imagine i been writing since 2006 I'm on and off on blog sphere & this my nth blog and i hope i stay here long. . I might wrote things here that really keeps me annoyed, so please bare with me bec there's allot things that needs to be address and pay attention by us. Just enjoy reading and welcome to my nth home.