Saturday, July 23, 2011

I cried with Still Life - Cinemalaya 2007

 Yes, i definitely cried while watching still life, an indie film by Katski Flores Producer/Writer/Director of this film. A story of a lost soul painter James Masino, who found the meaning of life after he met Emma. I was crying and got touch by this movie, though i was not a fan of any indie films since I've watch this movie today at cinema one, i really make sure that i will watch cinemalaya 2011 but the show will ended today. I just hope they will release a dvd copy for this so that i can buy one. I just hope more Filipino will do this type of film. I really don't like those indie film that's all about sex. Two thumbs up for this film. And i am looking for wincy ong soundtrack and can't find one.. Hay....


  1. Hello there! I am Wincy Ong. I can give you a free copy of the soundtrack. Please e-mail me at

    Sobrang salamat sa pagsuporta. I love this movie at naiyak din ako.

  2. Salamat po sa pagtangkilik ng Still Life.

    I can give you a copy of the score! Just e-mail me at

    God bless po and salamat muli.


  3. Hello Wincy, you're welcome. I just email yo now sorry if it's late.. thanks again...


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