Sunday, July 3, 2011

Have you watch the latest movie?

We watch Transformer 3 yesterday and since 12pm  the long ques never stop. 10 cinema in Megamall Mandaluyong City Philippine is open for Transformers only. Imagine Php180/person and try to count how many people watch it, come to think of it, they really earn a million for 1 day.  I love watch movies because it really makes me relax from a stressful job, but what i really don't like about is when there's allot of kids around, you are watching to relax then you will hear someones crying on the middle of the climax scene, someone's calling there mom to pee and shouting behind your back and mostly when they kick you chair ( ang sarap batukan!). Waaaa.... kids at the age of 6 below should not go to cinemas specially on this type of films, sayang lang ang money since they cannot appreciate it allot.

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