Monday, March 19, 2012

Funny Names of Places in the Philippines LOL

I just from a friend who email me just to wake me up on our boring shift. I really laugh to some of it... Just read on and hope you like it,.

1. In Laguna 2 towns next to each other, Anos and Bayog. So when asked where Bayog is:
     “Paglagpas mo sa Anos, makikita mo na ang Bayog.”
2. In Malate: Barangay Kabantutan.
3. In Cebu, a town called Baklayon. *** update: as per 
AnonymousJuly 25, 2012 2:50 PM  Baklayon is in Bohol.***
4. In Pandi, Bulacan: Barangay Masuso.
5. A town in Tarlac is called Dara Bul bul.
6. In Bocaue: Right after Pogi Street, you’ll find Kalye Buntisan.
7. In Batangas, you’ll find “Mababang Paaralan ng Mataas na Kahoy”.
8. In Infanta: Barangay Katamblingan.
9. In Palauig, Zambales: Barangay ti ti -on
10. Bisa, Sorsogon: Barangay Ticol.
11. Sexmoan, Pampanga.

12. There’s a barangay in Batangas called: Barangay Walang Balahibo Ibaba.
13. In Barangay Inuman in Antipolo, you’ll also find Inuman Elementary School.
14. In SM Fairview, there’s a jeepney going to Bigte. So the barker goes:
       “Sinong magbi-Bigte diyan, sakay na!”
15. In Imus, Cavite, Barangay Buhay na Tubig is right beside Barangay Matinding Araw.
16. In Guagua, you’ll find Barangay Bading.
17. Barangay Kaybagal, in Tagaytay.
18. Lasingan Town, in Quirino.
19. In Tarlac: Barangay Mapuke.
20. In San Narciso, Quezon: Sapang Matae (people call it SM for short).
21. In Lucban, Quezon: Barrio Latiti.
22. In Palawan : Barangay Tinitian.
23. In Nueva Ecija: Barangay Maestrangkikay.
24. In Camiguin, Barangay Ma-ipis is next to Barangay Bangag.
25. In Sorsogon, there’s a town called Gubat. So when asked, “Taga saan ka?” They answer: “Taga-Gubat.”
26. In Antipolo, there’s no water in Sitio Tubigan, so people make igib in the adjacent barangays.
27. In Batangas: Barrio Makeke.
28. Sisters of Mary Convent, Brgy. Pulong Diablo, Antipolo Rizal.
29. We live in Sitio Supot, next to Sitio Matae.
30. In Bataan: Barangay Ba-yag Kabayo.
31. In Calamba: Barangay Tulo.
32. In Imus, Cavite: Barrio Tansang Luma.
33. In our hometown in Albay, “Mababang Paaralan ng Mataas”.
34. Pasong Kabayo is right next to Pulong Ebak.
35. In Aurora: Barangay Pulong Pu ke.
36. In Leyte: Barangay Kapukian and Barangay Cantutang.
37. In Lucena: Barangay Tampalpuke.
38. A barangay in Bacacay, Albay is named HINDI. So,signages read: 
“Hindi Elementary School”, “Hindi Barangay Hall”, “Hindi Health Center”,etc. So confusing!! 


  1. Hello there ... I would like to repost this article on my blogsite ... would it be alright with you ? ... thank you very much ...

    Edgar Portalan

    1. sure not a problem... it is for every one to read one. Like waht i said , i just got this from my friends email.

  2. Okay ... thank you ... I'll repost this in my blog and will come out sometime in April of this year ... thank you very much once again and please do visit my blog every now and then ... God bless us ! : )

  3. Baklayon is in Bohol, not in Cebu.


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