Sunday, August 7, 2011

Two thumbs up for "Babae sa Septik tank'

I am really not a fan of indie films, but  since i watch still life and those short films form nestle Philippines, i just realize now how to appreciate this type of movies. I usually watch movies made by star cinema because of the most unique stories, good actors and actresses.

Back to Babae sa Septik tank, it is a film that focus on different types of film making and how film makers struggles just to make a movie. Eugene Domingo proves herself again
on her acting abilities. This movie has allot of touching scene and yucky scene on the first part, have you seen the poop of the little girl?. Nawalan ako ng gana sa kinakain ko. But that's alright it's the part of the film, i was not expecting to see the poop. Hihihi...

We watch this film at Robinson's Galleria so most of the people there are richie rich, i even encounter speaking someone who keeps on speaking in English while giving non-sense comment to film. Ayun di ata kinaya ung nakikita umuwi sila ng maaga. What do they expect to see a non realistic movie? just watch a non-indie film jung di niyo ma take nakikita niyo. what the f!!! We enter the cinema in a full occupied seats and after an hour onte na lng kami. Wala lang na share ko lang. That's all folks...


  1. too bad they didnt appreciate this as you had. Indie films are really not for everybody because masyado ngang realistic.. or true to life. :)


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